Born in Australia, raised in the picturesque landscapes of Canada, and now a long term resident of the vibrant coastal town of Huatulco, Mexico, Miles May is a self-taught photographer whose lens captures the essence of diverse cultures and the beauty of the world. With an unwavering passion for beach scenes, Miles effortlessly brings to life the tranquil serenity and mesmerizing allure of Oaxaca’s sandy shores under the golden sun.

However, Mile’s true gift lies in his ability to capture the unfiltered joy and authenticity of the Mexican people. Through the lens, he unveils the soul of Mexico, showcasing the warmth, resilience, and vibrancy of its people. Each photograph tells a story, a narrative of the vibrant tapestry that is Mexico.

local artist miles may of huatulco

With Miles, photography isn’t just an art form; it’s a heartfelt connection to the world and its people, a bridge between cultures, and an invitation to celebrate life’s simple, beautiful moments. Miles offers his limited edition fine art photography for sale with ArtCasa view his work below.

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